CFCA Overview

Welcome to Central Fellowship Christian Academy. Our goal is to see each student grow to Christian maturity and develop a distinctively Biblical, Christ-centered worldview.

Accreditation - The school’s academic program is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. All teachers hold four year Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree.

Associations - Proud member of the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA).

HistoryCentral Fellowship Christian Academy is a ministry of Central Fellowship Baptist Church and was started in 1970.The campus is made up of 24 acres and has a total of 38 classrooms.

Discipline – Class control is the responsibility of the class instructor.Every effort is made to avoid disciplinary problems by regular teacher or administrator-to-parent contacts.However, with parental consultation, if improper behavior patterns persist, corporal discipline may be selected as a disciplinary option.Such cases are the exception rather than the rule.In grades 6 – 12, a discipline handbook is used.

Dress-code – CFCA does have certain limitations and expectations for student attire.Three main principles determine our position with regard to dress.(First we desire MODESTY; second, NEATNESS; and third, a CHRIST-LIKE SPIRIT.)Please refer to student handbook for complete details on dress code regulations.

TransportationCFCA does not offer bus service.Students, with a valid driver’s license, are allowed to drive to campus after receiving the proper permission.

Kindergarten CFCA offers a full-day program in K3, K4 and K5.(All academics are taught in the mornings. Enrichment activities and nap time fill up the afternoon.)

Student/ Teacher Ratios - We have been able to keep class sizes low.Our desired maximum class sizes are: 10 in the K3 classes, 15 in the K4 classes, 17 in the K5 classes, 20 in the first and second grade classes, 22 in the third, fourth, fifth grade classes, and 20 in the sixth through twelfth grade classes.Actual student/teacher ratios are usually even lower.

Enrollment - Central Fellowship Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.