Elementary School

The academic programs of Central Fellowship Christian Academy are based upon the belief that a Bible-based, Christ-centered education is the very best education that parents can provide for their children. Therefore, the academic programs have been developed to provide high quality academic instruction in an environment where prayer, Bible study and Christian textbooks are the norm.


The elementary school primarily uses the A Beka Christian Book Curriculum. Other materials that are evaluated and deemed to be the very best available are used in areas where needed. Music and P.E. are offered as well as a weekly library time and an art/activity time. Field trips, concerts and Fine Arts round out a curricular program designed to challenge students.

Grading and Report Cards

Grades are reported to parents at the end of each nine weeks. Progress reports will be posted on Info Direct and an email will be sent to notify parents. Parents are encouraged to enroll in Info Direct to monitor daily assignments and grades. Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in the Fall and Spring of each school year. Parents may also request a meeting at any time with their childs teacher.

The elementary grading system is as follows:

A  Excellent 90 – 100
B  Very Good 80 – 89
C  Satisfactory 70 – 79
F  Unacceptable 69 and below

The following areas use E, G, S, NI & U for evaluation: Penmanship, Band, Conduct, Music, P.E

E  Excellent
G  Good
S  Satisfactory
NI  Needs Improvement
U  Unsatisfactory

Honor Roll

An honor roll is compiled and reported each nine weeks. The following criteria are used to determine eligibility:
“A” Honor Roll: No grade lower than an “A” in any subject
“A/B” Honor Roll: No grade lower than a “B” in any subject
“Headmaster’s” Honor Roll All A’s and no disciplinary notices.


Classes (K5-5th grades) consist of choral, instrumental, and classroom music instruction. The band classes (4th & 5th grades) are divided between beginning and advanced classes, each meeting three days a week. Private piano instruction is also available during the school day for an extra fee.

Physical Education Program

The philosophical position of Central Fellowship Christian Academy is that every child preparing for adulthood should be provided with opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We believe that our physical education program provides an excellent step in achieving this goal. All elementary students are expected to participate in the P.E. classes each week. A child may be excused from P.E. with a parent’s note. Being excused for more than two consecutive days will require a physician’s statement.