High School

The academic programs of Central Fellowship Christian Academy are based upon the belief that a Bible-based, Christ-centered education is the very best education that parents can provide for their children. Therefore, the academic programs have been developed to provide high quality academic instruction in an environment where prayer, Bible study and Christian textbooks are the norm.


The curriculum for high school students consists of a combination of Christian publishers. The curriculum is revised annually by the faculty and administration to ensure the best possible curriculum for our students .

9th Grade
Algebra I or Geometry *
World History
World Literature I
Health/Physical Education
Enrichment Elective
* see Math Track *

10th Grade (minimum 4 credits earned)
Geometry or Algebra II *
Physical Science
U.S. History
World Literature II
Spanish I
Enrichment Elective

11th Grade (minimum 10 credits earned)
Algebra II, Pre-Calculus *
American Literature
Spanish II
Enrichment Elective

12th Grade (minimum 16 credits earned)
Pre-Calculus, College Calculus, Algebra III, Math
Modeling/ Statistics or Dual Enrollment *
Anatomy/Physiology or Physics
Psychology or Dual Enrollment World History
English Literature or Dual Enrollment English
Enrichment Elective

Upper School Enrichment Electives:
Study Hall, Band, Chorus, Drama, Spanish III, SAT
Prep, Advanced PE, Sign Language, Art, Yearbook


Grading and Report Cards

Grades are reported to parents at the end of each nine weeks. Progress reports will be posted on Info Direct and an email will be sent to notify parents. Progress reports are also available upon request by students or parents through the Upper School office.   Parents are encouraged to enroll in Info Direct to monitor daily assignments and grades.
The grading system is as follows:  A = 90 – 100 B = 80 – 89 C = 70 – 79 F = 69 and below


Graduation Requirements

Central Fellowship Christian Academy is a college preparatory institution and requires the successful completion of an academic program that meets or exceeds the requirements of the state of Georgia for entrance into four-year college systems. Students graduating from Central Fellowship Christian Academy are required to have 24 credits accumulated from the ninth through the twelfth grade, with a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Credits are earned on a semester average (1/2 credit per semester). Because this is a Christian school, each student must be enrolled in a Bible class each year and must meet the school’s community service requirements. Students are required to take the SAT or the ACT, and all accounts are paid in full in order to graduate. Walking at graduation requires a minimum of 24 credits.

Math Track

Math track determined by achievement test scores, math grades and by recommendation of current Math teacher. All students are required to take Math each year. Students on the advanced track in Math must maintain a “B” average to remain in this track. Seniors are not allowed to drop a class or change courses after the second week of the school year.

Honor Society

Students in grades 6-12 who have attended CFCA for one semester may be eligible for the National Honor Society. The following criteria must be met:
1. Student must maintain a 3.5 cumulative average or above in every subject for the grading period prior to nomination.
2. Student will be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character, citizenship and spiritual qualities.