Student/Parent Resources

From the Registrar -

The primary mission of my office is to provide a broad range of personnel services to the students.  These services include student assessment, through testing, information services, placement and follow-up, and counseling assistance.  These four areas constitute the core of services provided in order to facilitate the growth and development of all students from kindergarten through the post high school experience.  The following is information that I send to parents with websites that would be helpful to them throughout this process.  

Mrs. Beverly Harvey - Registrar


Juniors are required to take either an SAT or ACT exam prior to the end of their junior year.  We will not classify them as a senior at CFCA if this has not been completed.  We started this policy in order to accomplish a couple of things.  First, we wanted to make sure that the students had taken at least one exam before they begin to apply for college. Second, this gives the students twice as many opportunities to take the SAT or ACT again to improve their scores.

SAT Information and Registration -

ACT Information and Registration -



College & HOPE information:

One of the most important websites that you can visit is GaCollege411.  This website provides a wealth of information about colleges and the applications process, as well as all the information you need about the HOPE scholarship.  Every student needs to create and account on this website and use the tools provided there.



One of the questions that I get asked the most is, “will you help me find scholarship information for my son/daughter?”  The search for scholarships is time consuming, however, can be rewarding if you are willing to do a bit of searching.  I always recommend that you search the website of the college that your child is interested in attending.  Many colleges have scholarships available that are exclusive to their institution.  However, there are some websites that provide information about other things that are available.  I have listed them below. 



Another aspect of planning for college is information about money other than scholarship money that is available to pay for college tuition.  In order to find out what federal money your child may qualify for, you need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application.   In order to award grants, such as the Pell grant, and federal student loans, the government assesses the information that is included on the FAFSA.

Some of the information that is requested on the FAFSA includes your income, what aid you are interested in (choose everything – you can always say no later), and what school you plan to attend.

This form can be completed after you have filed your taxes in January.  You have to complete this application every year in order to receive funds for that schoolyear. Once you have entered the information once, after that you just have to update your income tax information.  You can complete the application at the following website: